Management Training Program

We look at our managers as coaches. Our philosophy is that if you are going to coach the team you have to know how to play all the positions. We take a “no one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care” approach in grooming our employees into partners. Below is an outline of our management training course on how to take your career to the next level!! Your advancement is not based on seniority. We have set up our growth program to be just like school. The only difference is that we move at your pace so how fast you graduate is up to you.

The Process

The goal is to graduate freshman class in your first 1 to 4 weeks. We like to move fast so we hope you do too!

  • Be on time everyday
  • Complete your quizzes and basic training
  • Have a professional image
  • Complete 5 sales in one week with good conversion
  • Have flawless Compliance

As an Account Manager, we look for you to take the role of a LEADER. We expect for you to keep your weekly installs up, train and develop new brand ambassadors, and manage one of our retail accounts correctly.

  • Be the right example in the office and stores
  • Learn how to take out 2nd round interviews
  • Be a mentor and leader for the new brand ambassadors
  • Build and Train 1 Account Manager on your team

As a Corporate Trainer, it’s time to take your teaching and training skills to the next level. We want to see how you juggle different responsibilities while maintaining consistency. The goal is to use our training methods to replace yourself.

  • Train two Account Managers that can do everything you can do
  • Run sales meetings/campaigns
  • Set and Reach team goals/Maintain Personal Sales
  • Running and Organizing road trips

As an Assistant Director we are now going to start teaching you the ins and outs of the inner office workings. While learning this we will be monitoring your mentor and management skills.

  • Learning the Administration side of our company
  • Get involved in the hiring and firing process
  • Doing payroll and managing profit and loss reports
  • Hitting sales goals and team production

As the Director, it’s time to start running the office. Hopefully now you have learned how to play all the positions so you can be effective coach and start sharing in all the profits of the business!!

  • Run and make decisions from top to bottom
  • Motivate and Drive the sales team
  • Take over a set of stores to help our clients expand
  • Have weekly conversations with the GM’s of the retail clients
  • Run a profitable organization

Southern Event Management, Inc. is growing!

Apply today and start your new career tomorrow!